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Adelaide Digital Antennas is a dedicated antenna installation service to Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

We are a locally owned and run antenna installation service and are dedicated to providing the best antenna installation service to you.


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Adelaide Digital Antennas to achieve the highest quality digital reception use only the best antennas on the market. There being 2 types for the digital signal and they are UHF only or a combination of DIGITAL and UHF.

Adelaide Digital Antennas use only the highest quality of digital/UHF antennas that come with a warranty of up to 5 years. Our antennas are bought from Australian local suppliers and we pride ourselves in supporting local businesses.

The most common aerials installed are a combination of UHF/Digital antennas enabling your television to receive the uhf/digital signals.

Depending on your location you may need a UHF only antenna which we will supply and install. These aerials are used in areas near the foothills such as Wattle Park or Stonyfell where the reception is blocked because of the hills. The signal from the towers is transmitted to a repeater in the city and then sent back to the foothills.

OUR ASSURANCE: That all our antenna installations are of the highest standards possible and reliable pricing that you can respect.

Adelaide Digital Antennas offer up to 5 years warranty on the installation carried out on your premises.




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