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Adelaide Digital Antennas is a dedicated antenna installation service to Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

We are a locally owned and run antenna installation service and are dedicated to providing the best antenna installation service to you.


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Adelaide Digital Antennas are able to install new flat screen televisions on a wall and to set up and tune your tv for you.
Adelaide Digital Antennas are able to help with the installation of your new TV onto a wall and have the television set up by connecting other devises such as Foxtel, DVDs, Recorders, and Set Top Boxes including the tuning of the tv and other devises that need to be tuned.

We use the strongest and highest quality mounts available which guarantees that your TV is securely fixed to the wall.
Mounting a flat screen TV to a wall can be tricky and so expert installers who know what they are doing, especially if your TV is huge should be engaged. The best advise is to engage a professional to mount your tv giving you peace of mind knowing that it is securely fixed and that if anything goes wrong it is being covered by your insurance.

Bear in mind that the best height for mounting a TV is around 900mm from the floor to the bottom of the television. A helpful hint when installing is to know if there are any beams running horizontal in the wall where the mount is to be fixed as these will limit the hiding of cables for the install.

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